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New life for an old lens

THIS shot of a rather withered rose was taken with an antique Zodeller lens (the name means nothing – Zodeller Cameras were sold by a London retailer in the 1920s and were probably supplied from Germany). The lens is a … Continue reading

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4×5 scans on an Epson V500

THE cheap Epson V500 scanner (and now its replacement, the V600) have one major drawback: the maximum size of the film carriage is about 6x12cm, or just over half the size of a 4×5 negative. To get a scanner designed … Continue reading

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Getting there

I went to shoot the full moon rising over the museum tonight, but the vantage point has been turned into a building site with no access allowed. Just for practice, I knocked out this shot on the Graflex. It’s the … Continue reading

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Second attempt at large format

HERE is a crop from my second attempt to shoot 4×5. I was able to extract the negative from the holder and fit it in the device for the tank more efficiently this time. However, before I could get it … Continue reading

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A very nice camera…

THE OLD story has a photographer congratulated on his work by the hostess of a dinner party, who remarks: “You must have a very nice camera to take such photos.” As he leaves, the photographer compliments his hostess, saying: “You … Continue reading

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Misjudging the Moskva 5

I’VE HAD a Moskva 5 folding camera for about three years. It is a Soviet Union clone of the German Super-Ikonta rangefinder, which was a world-class camera in its day, but like most Communist rip-offs, the Moskva has a tarnished … Continue reading

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Doing it right

MY PREVIOUS post was a record of abject failure, so just to balance the books here is a frame from another film I processed today, Fomapan 100 in 120 roll-film, shot on a Beirax folding camera in Crete a month … Continue reading

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Details of a disaster

I PROCESSED my first two large-format shots today. Fortunately, they were only intended as a test – testing not just one thing, but many: * Loading the film holders in a dark bag * Whether the ancient film holders were … Continue reading

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Now for something different…

I’m planning to put a little effort into building up a catalogue of science shots. Initially I will be shooting microscope slides, using the MP-E 65 1-5x macro lens (i.e., working entirely with photographic gear, not shooting through a microscope). … Continue reading

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