Doing it right

MY PREVIOUS post was a record of abject failure, so just to balance the books here is a frame from another film I processed today, Fomapan 100 in 120 roll-film, shot on a Beirax folding camera in Crete a month or so ago.

At least this shows that the chemicals were working properly and the damage to the sheet film was primarily due to mishandling.

Right now, I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get good results from sheet film; home-processing, while cheap, only adds to the difficulties. With 120 or 35mm, however, processing in a Patterson tank is quite easy and poses little risk to the film as it is more protected.

Processed in Fomadon P at 22C for five minutes 45 seconds, citric acid stop bath, fixed with Fomafix. All chemicals at recommended stock concentrations.

About ambientimages

Paul Cowan is a former journalist turned full-time photographer.
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