Second attempt at large format

HERE is a crop from my second attempt to shoot 4×5. I was able to extract the negative from the holder and fit it in the device for the tank more efficiently this time. However, before I could get it all in the tank, the nylon of the changing bag got in the way and knocked one of the negs out. I think the bag is going to prove too awkward and I will need a room I can black out for this. It is quite impractical to load more than two negatives at once in the bag.

I followed the development instructions to the letter, 7 min development at 20C with 10sec agitation each minute, but the negatives came out very thin, almost a stop under, I would say. But then some people say Fomapan 100 is best rated at ISO 60 rather than ISO 100, so perhaps it is the film.

I don’t have a 4×5 scanner yet, so the best I can do is scan a 6x12cm area on the glass of the Epson V500, which is roughly half of the negative area.

As I loaded all six film holders at the same time and presumably made a bit of a mess of all of them, there will be a limit on the results I will be able to get until the first 12 sheets have been used.

The next attempt should be exposed for about ISO 50 and it would be a good idea to try to prop up the bag from inside to prevent it snagging the equipment.

About ambientimages

Paul Cowan is a former journalist turned full-time photographer.
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1 Response to Second attempt at large format

  1. Tim Corr says:

    I have also noticed the Foma 100 is a bit finicky with its speeds – I’ve tended to add a half stop to the metered exposure (That would be rating it at ISO 65 I suppose) and found it gives pretty good results. Nice to see you’re improving the developing process though.

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