New life for an old lens

THIS shot of a rather withered rose was taken with an antique Zodeller lens (the name means nothing – Zodeller Cameras were sold by a London retailer in the 1920s and were probably supplied from Germany). The lens is a simple triplet, I believe, in a Compur shutter – but I used flash to set the exposure rather than a shutter speed.

The original camera used glass plates and a rather primitive 120 rollfilm adapter. I guess the last time anyone used it to take a photo was when Churchill was alive – and maybe Hitler, too. The effect the lens creates in this format is interesting (the shot was taken on 100 ISO Fomapan 4×5 film):

About ambientimages

Paul Cowan is a former journalist turned full-time photographer.
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3 Responses to New life for an old lens

  1. Lisa Y says:

    Stunning rose image Paul. There is a timeless and subtle quality that newer digital technology don’t match. Thanks for showing that oldies can definitely still be goodies 🙂

  2. kristine d says:

    This photo makes my jaw drop. I’m a pro photog, so please take that as a personal and a professional compliment. It’s stunning.

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