Chicken, broccoli and penne in Parmesan sauce

LAST YEAR I started a food blog which was intended as a cross-referral promotion, directing people to photos I have for sale and directing them from the photos on those sites to the recipes I had used to make them. I thought it might be handy if people wanted to publish a recipe column. It didn’t work out because the agents handling my photos wouldn’t allow me to link back to an external site.

Rather than waste the effort that went into that blog before I learned the idea wasn’t going to work, here is the first recipe … and you can still buy the photos and use the text if you want to…

Chicken, broccoli and penne in Parmesan sauce

This is a quick and delicious way to put together a healthy meal.

250g chicken breast
200g dried penne rigate tubular pasta
Small head of broccoli split into florets
Chopped parsley

For the sauce:
25g butter or about three tablespoons of olive oil
1 heaped tablespoon of flour
300ml milk

Clove of garlic (crushed)

half a cup of grated parmesan.

Salt and pepper

Grill the chicken pieces on an oiled hotplate until cooked through and golden.

Boil the pasta in salted water until just soft.

Steam the broccoli florets in a covered dish in a microwave until dark green but still crisp.

Melt the butter (or heat the oil) in a thick bottomed pan, add the flour and stir for a minute, then turn down the heat, mix in the well crushed garlic and gradually pour in the milk stirring constantly to make a smooth sauce. Throw in the parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Finely chopped onion could be softened in the sauce before adding the flour and, of course, the garlic is optional.

Slice the chicken breasts into bite-size slices and mix most of the chicken, broccoli and pasta into the sauce, ensuring it is well coated. Decant into a serving bowl or put on plates and add the remaining broccoli, chicken and pasta over the top to give is a nice appearance and finish with the chopped parsley.

Photographs of this dish are for sale here:


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