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Commando delivers the goods

MY ENSIGN Commando continues to surprise with the quality it delivers. Here is a crop from a photo I took as the light was fading, so I had to shoot with the aperture wide open at f3.5 and focus as … Continue reading

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A postcard camera

I TOOK my Zeiss Ikon 6×4.5 for an outing the other day, just to see what it could do. The light was flat and a bit dim, which isn’t ideal, and either my exposure or the processing was a bit … Continue reading

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The Ensign Selfix 220

BRITAIN’s camera manufacturing industry has been all but dead for almost half a century, yet in its heyday it was inventive and often took a different path from its Continental rivals. The leading British brand in the mid-20th Century was … Continue reading

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HDR with film

A HARSH, blown-out sky can make a real mess of a photo but in some lighting situations it is unavoidable. With digital, ways around this – taking multiple shots and merging them, or making different exposures from the same RAW … Continue reading

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Misjudging the Moskva 5

I’VE HAD a Moskva 5 folding camera for about three years. It is a Soviet Union clone of the German Super-Ikonta rangefinder, which was a world-class camera in its day, but like most Communist rip-offs, the Moskva has a tarnished … Continue reading

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Doing it right

MY PREVIOUS post was a record of abject failure, so just to balance the books here is a frame from another film I processed today, Fomapan 100 in 120 roll-film, shot on a Beirax folding camera in Crete a month … Continue reading

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Spot the difference…

(Answer now beneath the photos) ONE of these was shot with Canon 5D MkII and 24-70 f2.8L lens, combined price about $4,000. The other was shot with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517/16 folding camera from about 1948, e-bay price less … Continue reading

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Folding cameras – a “how to” guide

FOLDING cameras are fun. They are a curiosity, a talking point, an education and can be a surprisingly good tool. If you hunt around, you can also get them cheap. My introduction to the medium format folder came at the … Continue reading

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Shutter-speed shocker

I BOUGHT a shutter speed tester the other day, It’s nothing fancy, just a black box with a light sensor on one side and a cord that plugs into a computer’s audio jack. I got it because I use a … Continue reading

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