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Scan size and quality surprise (Epson V500)

I’VE ALWAYS ASSUMED that the quality you get from making a large scan and then downsizing it is going to be much the same as just making a small scan to start with. I now know that it isn’t. As … Continue reading

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Unlucky ’13!

WHAT a start to the year! I decided to take a set of photos of my old cameras, all shot in black and white with medium format film. I thought they might have a chance of selling as wall art. … Continue reading

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4×5 scans on an Epson V500

THE cheap Epson V500 scanner (and now its replacement, the V600) have one major drawback: the maximum size of the film carriage is about 6x12cm, or just over half the size of a 4×5 negative. To get a scanner designed … Continue reading

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Scanning B&W film with an Epson V500

THE Epson V500 scanner (now being superseded by the V600) is a very nifty bit of kit. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and have done something like 2,000 scans with it. However, getting the best results takes … Continue reading

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