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Primes, zooms, landscapes and panos

THE question cropped up in a forum discussion of whether primes are better than zooms. This is a fairly common question amd my response is that the best modern zooms are very nearly as good as any prime. My 70-200 … Continue reading

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Will digital do this?

I recently finished processing this shot, taken with my Leica R4s ModP and the Summicron 90mm lens, and it struck me as a fine example of the sort of quality in the tones that film can deliver and but digital … Continue reading

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A very nice camera…

THE OLD story has a photographer congratulated on his work by the hostess of a dinner party, who remarks: “You must have a very nice camera to take such photos.” As he leaves, the photographer compliments his hostess, saying: “You … Continue reading

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Bellows extension, exposure correction and diffraction

USING bellows or extension tubes for close-up photography moves the iris of the lens away from the camera reducing the amount of light reaching the film or the sensor. Quite literally, the further away the light at the end of … Continue reading

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Loading the Graflex ’23’ Graphic film back

The Graflex “23” 6×9 film back seems rather confusing when you first encounter it, but after a bit of practice it is easy enough to use. However, I recommend sacrificing one roll of film to practice the procedure a few … Continue reading

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Folding cameras – a “how to” guide

FOLDING cameras are fun. They are a curiosity, a talking point, an education and can be a surprisingly good tool. If you hunt around, you can also get them cheap. My introduction to the medium format folder came at the … Continue reading

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Mamiya Sekor 180/4.5 Super TLR lens

I HAVE a few quick observations about this lens, which has only just arrived. First, it is light. Very light. Well …. compared to the monstrous 180mm Sonnar for the Pentacon Six, anyway (which is the only other medium format … Continue reading

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