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Ringing the changes

IT CAME as a shock when these giant bells suddenly launched into a deafening clangour while I was photographing from the tower in St Mark’s Square, Venice, but it immediately struck me that this was a rare opportunity to represent … Continue reading

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The Best of 2012

IT’S hard to say which of this year’s crop of photos are my best, particularly as I am usually most excited by what I have done most recently – and if my work is steadily improving, that is as it … Continue reading

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Shooting lightning

I WAS in Greece for a month from mid-October and I was lucky to have fabulous weather while I was there. There was a real “Indian summer” right through the islands for the first week and though it got a … Continue reading

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Developing TMax 100 in 1+3 Fomapan Excel

THE only film developers I have managed to get so far are Fomadon P and Fomadon Excel. These are both powders intended for use in a stock solution. However, I prefer to dilute stock down to get a solution I … Continue reading

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The quality of light

I’VE BEEN working through the mass of photos I took during my Greek trip and I was struck by the two below. One of them was taken in the evening  the other early the following morning. The difference in the … Continue reading

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