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Slaving over a hot camera

I’ve been busy this month, slaving over a hot stove while I try to crank up some action on my food blog, Unfortunately there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything I would … Continue reading

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Success at last!

This photo marks the first time that I have really got the hang of my large format kit – from loading the film holders, to setting the exposure to developing the film. It shows the tonality that I have been … Continue reading

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Three sunsets in one

You don’t take a photo, you make it – Ansel Adams You don’t take a photo, you fake it – Paul Cowan I THINK my version is probably more apposite today. Everybody likes a good sunset, don’t they? Just as … Continue reading

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Chicken, broccoli and penne in Parmesan sauce

LAST YEAR I started a food blog which was intended as a cross-referral promotion, directing people to photos I have for sale and directing them from the photos on those sites to the recipes I had used to make them. … Continue reading

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New life for an old lens

THIS shot of a rather withered rose was taken with an antique Zodeller lens (the name means nothing – Zodeller Cameras were sold by a London retailer in the 1920s and were probably supplied from Germany). The lens is a … Continue reading

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Getting there

I went to shoot the full moon rising over the museum tonight, but the vantage point has been turned into a building site with no access allowed. Just for practice, I knocked out this shot on the Graflex. It’s the … Continue reading

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Details of a disaster

I PROCESSED my first two large-format shots today. Fortunately, they were only intended as a test – testing not just one thing, but many: * Loading the film holders in a dark bag * Whether the ancient film holders were … Continue reading

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